Hermanus residents must unite against the building of the bypass. The bypass will destroy everything we as residents hold dear in Hermanus – we will lose our sense of place.

The bypass’s main function will be to divert traffic away from the CBD or Old Town. No traffic, no spending. Why would we want to divert buying power? Village culture as we know it will disappear and the Old Town will be declared dead. Businesses will lose their income and ultimately people will lose their jobs. And unemployment brings other problems like unrest and riots.

Another problem to consider is that property owners will not care who or what their tenants are if the Old Town is a dead zone. These tenants will not always be sound businesses. Unsafe towns do not attract tourists. Whales or fynbos will not save Hermanus if it has gone this route.

Hermanus is a unique town. Where in the world can you watch whales while eating a waffle, walk along the cliff path to a secluded restaurant, have wonderful social evenings like the artwalk and festivals during the year, showcasing the best of Hermanus?

Let’s rather focus on how Hermanus residents and business owners can promote the town. Let’s create an economic hub that will benefit all the people in Hermanus and Overberg District. Take action and speak out against the bypass. Do not let outsiders decide what happens to your livelihood, business, property and village culture.

Death to the bypass – life to Hermanus.

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