Your country is tired, scared and most of all running out of hope that they will survive this struggle. I am sure you have received thousands of letters, all saying the same thing: your people need your help. They don’t know what to do. What happens when the people dying of hunger become more than those dying of Covid-19? Will you then decide that we should be allowed to work?

How do you suppose these South Africans will be able to live an honest, lawful life if you take away their only income, especially when they have families to feed? How many times have you had to look your family in the eye during this lockdown and tell them you don’t know if you’ll be able to pay rent this month, or put food on the table?  

I understand that there are relief funds but Mr President, have you tried applying for any of these funds? Have you spoken to anyone outside of your ministers and your inner circle about this disaster that is happening? Have you heard a single voice of any of your people crying out for help? How can you issue these irrational bans and regulations and say they are in our best interest, and not realise that they have left millions of South Africans unemployed, bankrupted, hopeless and hungry? Why should people be forced to resort to illegal activities as a source of income? 

Please Mr. President, I know like the rest of us you are tired of Covid-19. But it did not need to come to this – a country in ruins, our economy broken, the highest unemployment rate South Africa has ever seen. Please Mr President, let us work, let us live.

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