On 27 of March 2020, The State President announced a Level 5 lockdown, as deemed necessary in the initial stage of the declaration of the State of Disaster. Subsequent to the Council meeting on 26 March, plans were formulated regarding ways in which to support the most vulnerable community members residing in the various wards in the Overstrand, with daily meals. 

Soup kitchens were established in every Ward and members of the community also jumped at the opportunity to show their support by contributing towards the Covid-19 LMC action plan. 

A Trolley Project was established throughout the Overstrand, with shopping trolleys placed at the major food outlets which the public generously filled with donated food stuffs. Over more than five months approximately 1.5 million meals have been provided. 

With the contributions from the DA councillors’ salaries, the communities could also be supported in various other humanitarian needs. Our animals were also not forgotten, and dog and cat food was donated to various animal welfare organisations to distribute to animals in need. 

With the movement to Level 2, more people became self-sufficient and the decision was taken to gradually phase out the support to the soup kitchens. NGOs however will still continue with their soup kitchens and will thus support those who are still in need of food assistance. 

All actions will now be redirected to the ‘Let’s get home food gardens growing’ project. The WC Department of Agriculture’s ‘One Home One Garden’ project will be supported and the aim is to teach households to become food wise and grow their own vegetables. We are thus shifting the focus from food relief to food security and, to quote Minister Ivan Meyer, “We cannot encourage a hand-out culture all the time, but rather encourage food sustainability.” This is now our focus. 

The Overstrand DA councillors would like to extend their deepest gratitude to the public for their selfless support. We can only say that without your contributions, this pandemic would have had far worse consequences. Instead we were as a collective able to support and sustain a feeding programme throughout the whole area. For that we extend our sincere thanks to the Overstrand community.  

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