I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to the staff at Hermanus Animal Welfare (HAWS) for helping me find my beloved 12-year Burmese-Siamese-cross cat called Meako. Also, a big thanks to everyone who helped with social media and with the search.

My cat who has never crossed the road in Voëlklip and has never left the house surrounds in all the time he has lived here was found in another road far from my house and the only way he could have arrived at that house was that he was taken there. He is friendly and will go up to anyone, even dogs, so maybe you think he is lost. He is not.

Anyone who knows animals, especially cats, knows that from a kitten you have a bond that is unbreakable and over the years you know the traits and wanderings of your feline. To suddenly one day find that your animal is missing and not in the usual places and does not come when you call him puts the fear of God in you.

So you can imagine after two days-plus you find out that if HAWS had not looked at the social media pic of Meako and had not phoned me my cat would have starved to death, having been trapped in a courtyard with high walls after slipping out through a door or window. Thanks to the people who took the pic of my cat and posted it on the Voëlklip friends post.

So if you are here on holiday, welcome, but please check your house before you leave for home again, especially in garages and out-buildings and if you see or hear a cat that might be lost take a pic and send it to HAWS who will assist you. Law enforcement deal humanely with feral cats which can be a problem as a mother cat can have three litters in one year producing many kittens.

I am trying to prevent the heartache and pain one experiences with the loss of a friend and companion as all animals deserve kindness, love and caring. In return, you will receive unconditional love and someone who is always pleased to see you, no matter what, and that goes for most animals.

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