Recent media reports concerning the movements of various baboon troops in the Cape Peninsula have triggered much vocal comment amongst baboon activists. 

Whilst HBAG does not intend to join in the public spat, we are very mindful and alert to the various structures and protocols carried out by the City of Cape Town. The guidelines implemented for the management of baboons in the Cape Peninsula are supported by CapeNature, SANParks, NSPCA and UCT. A decision to remove or euthanise a troop member must be taken on a consultative basis, by way of the existing prescribed protocols.

The actual details of why certain decisions have been made are sometimes selectively ignored in some reports, and for this reason, the Hermanus Baboon Action Group (HBAG) has chosen, as an independent group, to refrain from adopting a particular ‘side’. 

The protection and humane treatment of all animals remains paramount, as it was at the inception of HBAG. We do know that each troop structure, environment and profile of the affected community, varies greatly. There are numerous other influencing factors which cannot be ignored. Without a complete understanding of all factors influencing a situation, it is impossible and unfair to comment at this stage.

HBAG understands that re-habituation of baboon troops away from high-density suburbia, back to their natural environment requires enormous patience, skilled and well-trained monitors, and the support of the community. 

Residents living in baboon affected areas can help by ensuring your property remains permanently undesirable for baboons to visit. Secure all refuse in baboon-proof bins all the time, pack away bird feeders and do not leave dog food bowls outside. Remember it is illegal to feed baboons. 

Be part of the solution, not the problem. HBAG encourages residents to inform us immediately, should you witness an injury to any of our baboons, in the Hermanus area. Witness reports should include date, time, number of baboons present, description of event, evidence in pictures if possible, other eyewitness contact details, and actual address or indication of the area where the incident took place. 

Our monitors operating in Hermanus have to date been well received. Comments from residents regularly compliment the approach, politeness and friendliness of the team.

Hermanus Baboon Action Group invites all residents and visitors to engage with us, by visiting our website at or Facebook @hermanusbaboons or email

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