The Hermanus Baboon Action Group (HBAG) has collaborated successfully with the Overstrand Municipality’s Environmental Management Services Department, to print and distribute flyers and posters, alerting residents and visitors to the issues associated with baboons and refuse management.

This forms part of HBAG’s campaign to inform residents and visitors of the impact of poor refuse management on the environment, the baboon troops and the community. HBAG initiated the campaign as part of a Public Private Partnership to coordinate community concerns regarding the baboon issues, facilitating incident reports and keeping records of the Voëlklip troop’s change in range patterns and behaviour over time.

HBAG is encouraged by the support of the community and will continue its planned programme of awareness, in the interests of the community and the preservation of the baboon species. The baboon monitoring programme will take a while to consolidate, therefore, in the meantime residents will still need to remain alert and do their best to discourage the baboons from entering their properties by way of good refuse management and other precautions indicated on the flyers and the HBAG website.

The flyers and posters will soon be distributed to the community, emailed to businesses and restaurants, and sent to WhatsApp groups and neighbourhood watch groups through HBAG volunteers. For more information please visit or email

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