For anyone living along Main Road in Eastcliff it is obvious that a road system to ease the traffic is inevitable in the not-too-distant future. There are not many options for this to happen. Upgrading the Cliff Path to a road is obviously not an option. Main Road itself is not wide enough. A new road along the base of the mountains has eco-objectors with all the normal arguments about unique fynbos and bio-sensitive areas. What does that leave?

The only alternative I can see is to upgrade Luyt Street from the Checkers circle to the golf course, continuing through the golf course, and through Fernkloof residential area to the 7th Street circle. There are a number of golf courses with busy roads running through them. Of course, this would downgrade what is a beautiful asset and tourist attraction. So what should it be? A road along the base of the mountain and upset the eco warriors, or a road through the golf course and upset the golfing fraternity and the tourist industry, and devalue all the properties along Luyt Street, the golf course and Fernkloof?

I suppose the golf course could always relocate. I wonder if future generations would really waste so much time and money debating the issue. To the majority I think housing, jobs and general upliftment of people would be way more important.

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