Hermanus motorists often drive down side streets without obeying speed limits and/or road signs.

I often visit my family in Voëlklip and residents in the same street will know of a house with the sweetest Golden Retriever and Dachshund. Near a stop sign (where drivers rarely stop) in that road, the Golden Retriever can often be seen dozing on the tar under the shade of a tree. He is very difficult to spot if you are not looking out for him. The Dachshund can often be found wandering around the area as well.

While driving home the one night, I pulled away from the stop street and saw the Golden Retriever once again lying in the same spot in the road. The street in question is very dark at night as there are few street lights and as such I only saw him in my car’s headlights at the last moment. Had it been another car coming from the other direction, the poor dog would have been history – especially had the driver decided not to slow down/stop at the stop sign.

Reaching my limit with the situation, I pulled over the car and decided to talk to the owner. Sadly they were not there that evening and I instead spoke to their visitor who answered the gate. For a short while after that evening, I didn’t see the dogs in the street again. Unfortunately though, recently they have been out and about again and I haven’t had a chance to talk to the owners.

I hope that the owners of those obviously well-looked after and loved dogs see my letter and that they make an effort to keep their pets safe. I think this can also serve as a reminder to all pet owners and parents of young children to be watchful of cars, even in normally quiet side streets, as motorists often do not follow the road rules.

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