Yesterday, at a meeting held at Zwelihle Sports Stadium in Hermanus, Land Party leader, Gcobani Ndzongana, responded to the press release that was issued by the Executive Deputy Mayor of the Overstrand, Elnora Gillion, in which she called the planned protest action “uncalled for”.

The Land Party have said that beginning 9 July 2019, they will be conducting peaceful marches to visit a number of Hermanus businesses to protest their labour practices.

Media Release by Councillor Elnora Gillion, Acting Executive Mayor, Overstrand Municipality, Overberg District

Rogue Group appointing themselves as a labour watchdog

This week we saw another threat on businesses and the economy of the Overstrand by a self-appointed labour watchdog. Not only is this self-policing detrimental to the tourism industry of the Overstrand, but it is also illegal. I have consulted with many business owners over the past weeks and I am confident that this type of planned action is uncalled for. There has not been any indication of labour issues.

That being said, if anyone feels that they are treated unfairly in their workplace, there are legal avenues to follow with unions and the Department of Labour. Also, we cannot tolerate business employing people who are in the country illegally and as such, any illegal immigrants and the business that employs them can be reported directly to Home Affairs. At this time we do ask our businesses to give our local community opportunities. I, therefore, condemn any action that will threaten these businesses and impact the economy of our town.

In recent months, businesses and the community at large have worked together to make a stand against crime and to support one another in difficult financial times. The Hermanus business community can be very proud of the level of cooperation that they have achieved. I am encouraged by the amount of support for each other and wish to encourage all residents to be responsible and support our local businesses.

No violence will be tolerated and anyone who disrupts the normal day to day operations of Hermanus as a whole will be met with the rule of law.

Click here to hear Land Party leader Gcobani Ndzongana’s response to the press release issued by Executive Deputy Mayor Elnora Gillion.

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