As we approach the next decade in design, we look to both the future and the past to conceive new products and methods. Decor trends for 2020 are all about personality and character, whether yours be vibrant or subdued… In 2020 we can do both with equal style.

The colour controversy

Each year the Pantone Institute releases their eagerly awaited colour of the year, which sets the tone for trends in both design and fashion. Their 2019 announcement of ‘Living Coral’ caused quite a stir in environmental circles when two Melbourne-based creatives pronounced it insensitive and suggested ‘Bleached Coral’ for 2020. Bleached Coral does not depict the bright colours of living coral but is a very light blue, which showcases the colour of dying coral due to climate change. With over 45% of the coral on the Great Barrier Reef having died over the past three years, this controversy in the design world is highlighting how much danger the world’s largest coral reef system is in. Ignoring the eco fuss, early predictions are betting on ‘Flame Scarlet’, a fiery red as Pantone’s actual 2020 colour.

An African twist

Africa goes global in the next decade, with patterns and colour combinations inspired by the African continent. For colourways, think Moroccan deep blues, burnt orange sunsets, the aqua waters of Mozambique and jungle greens of Uganda. In fact, ethnic elements are infinite and can easily be incorporated into a myriad of interior trends in 2020, making this style great fun to play with. 

Animal lovers’ paradise

Animals will be omnipresent next year. Expect to see birds, monkeys, elephants and dogs on fabrics and accessories. In fact, in 2020 design has literally gone to the dogs, with homeowners creating custom dog-wash stations and built-in dog beds that fit into the bottom shelf of media units or bedroom cupboards. 

The Biophilia buzz

Biophilia literally refers to a love of nature. It stems from the theory that human beings are innately drawn towards nature.

In the world of interiors, we will be seeing the biophilic design trend becoming more and more popular in 2020 and beyond. It’s all about weaving our ecosystem into our surroundings. In practice, this means paying attention to the introduction of natural light into spaces, bringing a great deal of greenery into your home, using natural materials and fabrics, as well as water features and open spaces. 


If in recent years we have witnessed the prevalence of minimalism in interior design, by 2020 we will be surprised by creative, bold and fun interiors. Major 2019 design fairs have anticipated vibrant colour spaces, enriched with unlikely mixtures of patterns, materials and shapes, complemented by striking design pieces.


Velvet will continue to reign in 2020 and is an easy way to add opulence to any space. The fabric houses are bringing out progressively more velvets in different colourways and less expensive options as they compete for this space, which is great for us as consumers. But wait, velvet may have a rival in the 2020 fashion stakes in the form of corduroy. Pinterest has spotted a 507% increase in searches for corduroy, so it may well be the new home fabric for upholstery.

Feminine shapes

Softer, more feminine shapes are creating impact on interiors in 2020 and contrast perfectly with raw materials such as concrete and brass. Look out for curved lines and silhouettes in everything, from vases to floor lamps and seating.

Painted parquet

Another cool decor idea revealed by the Pinterest trend research, is painting parquet floors with bold colours and mosaic patterns. The number of people looking for this on Pinterest has increased by 1 276% in the past year and it’s certainly an interesting new idea to try in 2020.

Magical marble

Marble has always been a noble material. With its striking veins and endless colour and pattern choices, it’s easy to find a suitable marble slab for your interior. Whether a small vase or a whole marble wall, it will add impact and timelessness to your interior. Even investing in a small piece made of marble can add value to your home. 

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