In just three weeks, #ImStaying has metamorphosed from an idea by a group of South Africans to set up a Facebook group for those who believe that we, as a nation, can turn things around, into a cultural revolution for positive change that is sweeping across the country.

With over 340 000 (and exponentially growing) Facebook members and almost 20 000 Instagram postings already, #ImStaying is a vivid and bold reminder that there are many South Africans who still strongly believe in the Rainbow Nation of Nelson Mandela and want to talk about all the positive things that happen every single day in this country.

#ImStaying is dedicated, the group says, “To all those who choose to stay and work together to save this beautiful country we call home! This group belongs to all willing to make a positive difference!”

Why is this so important, apart from the many heart-warming stories you can read about on #ImStaying social media, you may ask? 

Quite simply, it is confidence that builds economies and nations. With its growing online stream of positive news about South Africa, the #ImStaying movement is already becoming a catalyst for economic development, with investors requesting proposals by entrepreneurs for ideas that will create jobs. Good news is the currency of economic power!

As the good news paper of the Overberg, #ImStaying is music to the ears of The Village NEWS. Yes, bad news travels fast, but good news travels even faster. The more positive stories we can tell about the Overberg, the more confidence investors and visitors will have in our region.

If you haven’t joined the #ImStaying Facebook group, please do so and share your stories of positivity in the Overberg. Don’t forget to also share them with The Village NEWS. Come on, join the good news revolution!

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