Curro Hermanus (CH) and Hermanus High School (HHS) held their annual interhouse athletics days last week (commonly known as colour sports).

The learners impressed spectators once again this year as they brought all of their energy and spirit to the track and field.

At Curro Hermanus, the ORCAs were victorious against their opposition, the MAKOs, and at Hermanus High it was the green team that triumphed with 819 points, winning the day just ahead of the white team. The blue team at Hermanus High won the optog and gees trophies.

Nine new Hermanus High records (two of which had been standing since 1994 and 1995, respectively) were set this year by Janka du Toit in the U15 girls discus, Kari-Mari Geldenhuys in the U15 girls javelin, Gené Cornelius in the U15 girls
300m hurdles, Soné Thorpe in
the U17 girls 100m, Caitlyn Otto
in the U17 girls discus, Chanté
Roux in the U17 girls 1 500m,
Joshua Cloete in the U17 boys discus, Nick de Jager in the U19 boys 800m and 400m, and Celino Peterson in the U19 boys 100m.

The following learners were named the junior and senior victors and victrix ludorum at Curro Hermanus and Hermanus High:
Junior Victrix: Lisa-Marie van Wyk (CH), Nel Stieger (HHS)
Junior Victor: Jameline Heskwa (CH), Daniel Hanekom (HHS)
Senior Victrix: Lané Venter (CH), Caitlyn Otto (HHS)
Senior Victor: Michael Burls (CH), Conner van Tonder (HHS)

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