Greetings to you all once more. This week has been hectic and hot – good February weather – and all our tourists are loving the heat. Our course is standing up well to the weather but a little help from the heavens would be very welcome.

High praise indeed

One of our recent guests was a Mr Mike Ward, a journalist by trade, who specialises in golf course ratings and rankings. He is in fact on the panel for the top 100 golf courses in the world and has played over 1 400 courses world-wide, which is a huge amount – he obviously is very fond of this game!

Well, last week he came along and played our course and was really impressed, especially with the layout and condition. When we were chatting afterwards he said he hadn’t had too high an expectation and was really pleasantly surprised. One of the most interesting things he said was that he felt our current ranking of 47th in the country was wrong. I did try to draw him into committing to where he thought we should be ranked, but diplomatically he just said “better”.

We have over the years worked extremely hard to improve the course and the facility and it’s great when people in the know recognise this.

Rest In Peace

This week we have some sad news. One of our members, Trevor Clark passed away. He was a lovely, gentle soul and always a pleasure to converse with. Trevor, you will be sorely missed.

Security awareness

A lot of us can remember a time when you could leave your doors unlocked, your keys in your car and walk anywhere at any time of the day or night. But those days are sadly gone and we all have to get used to the grim realities of today, not just in South Africa but worldwide.

One of our members was robbed in broad daylight last week. When she stopped at the traffic lights at CTM, quick as a flash the rear door was opened and a brand-new waterproof taken. In a way she was very fortunate as this could have been so much worse but let’s all be vigilant and keep our car doors locked.

Until next week, have a great time and remember play the course as you find it and the ball as it lies!

Julz and the team

CAPTION: Julian Shaw with Mike Ward and HGC General Manager Sharon Sleigh.

Scores at a glance


Bogey plus alliance 66 players


South course – Yvonne Texeira, Tony Upton, Joy Lordon and Anita Halgren +14

North course – Antionette Calender Easby, Adelle Bassett, Petro Streicher and Rowena Austin +13


Fourball betterball bogey plus 136 players


East course – Neil Malan and Jan Kuhn +9

South course – Bob Ferguson and Kevin Middleton +10

North course – Gerrie du Plooy and Peter Bouwer +11

Ball pool paid to +6

Best gross: Mike Frost 71

A special mention to Terry Westbrook who is turning 81 and shot a 74. Well done!


4BBB Stableford 153 players

South Course (Green) 10 – 27:

1st Ian Ross & David Dicey – 45

2nd Danie van der Spuy & Gerrie du Plooy – 44

North Course (Blue) 1 – 9 and 19 – 27:

1st Tony Squires & Rowan Pybus – 46

2nd Jan Swanepoel & Kowie Ganz – 45

East Course (Red) 1 – 18:

1st David Ridley & Frans Prins – 44 C/I

2nd Niel Malan & Jan Kühn – 44 C/O

Best gross: Rowan Pybus 74

The attendance draw was sponsored by Red Chair (fellow member Deon Muller) and was won by Jan Cloete

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