The SA Gym Games is the South African Gymnastics Federation’s largest national event, which sees national titles being awarded across all competitive gymnastics disciplines. This year it was held in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg from 23 – 28 September. 

Jenna Lees, Lilly-Rose Fourie, Piper Davis, Stella Meintjes, Kym Zimano, Liv Gordon, Fabio Revett and Holly Vermaak at the SA Gym Games. PHOTO: Chad Gordon

Eighteen youngsters (competing in ten groups) from Grip Gymnastics in Hermanus competed in the acrobatic gymnastics category in Cape Town at UCT. The results were as follows: 

• Holly Vermaak and Liv Gordon (Level 7) – Bronze
• Jenna Lees and Kym Zimano (Level 8) – Silver
• Maggie-Lou Fourie, Cassia deMaudave Bestel and Isabella deMaudave Bestel (Level 4) – Silver
• Mieke Kuyler and Maya Tager (Level 4) – Silver
• Khanya Dumont and Ilé Viljoen (Level 4) – Silver 
• Jenna Lees, Ilé Viljoen and Piper Davis (Level 6) – Gold
• Summer Thwaits and Lilly-Rose Fourie (Level 5) – Gold 
• Fabio Revett and Lilly-Rose Fourie (Level 5) – Gold 
• Sophie Cave, Kerry Lees and Summer Thwaits (Level 5) – Gold
• Stella Meintjes and Piper Davis (Level 6) – Gold

Well done!

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