With the application deadlines for both the Hermanus and Onrus Vermont Special Ratings Areas (SRA) quickly approaching, both steering committees are in desperate need of some holiday cheer and are urging residents in both these areas to sign the consent forms or vote in favour of establishing these public safety and security zones.

The Onrus Vermont SRA must submit its application to the Overstrand Municipality by the end of December. Another 800 yes votes are still needed to reach the 2 100 target. This would represent 50% plus one of the almost 4 200 properties in Onrus and Vermont.

To date, although only 37% of residents have voted, more than 80% have voted yes, thus reaching 60% of its yes target.

Members of the Onrus Vermont Steering Committee and volunteers will be working hard over the next two weeks to try and reach the non-permanent property owners who are here for holidays. They will be manning a voting station at Onrus Pharmacy (88 Main Road) from 09:00 to 18:00 Mon to Fri, and during the pharmacy’s operating hours over weekends and holidays. There will also be a voting station open at the NG Kerk (55 Berg Street) from 08:00 to 13:00, Monday to Friday.

The Hermanus SRA (HSRA) has an end-January deadline to collect the 2 752 signed consent forms that are needed before the HSRA Steering Committee can submit its application to the Overstrand Municipality.

Following a public meeting on 19 December 2019 at the Overstrand auditorium, the HSRA consent forms will be available for residents to pick up or download from the Hermanus SRA website. Consent forms will also be available at real estate offices in the area.

Once the consent forms have been submitted, there will be a 30-day objection period before a vote is taken by Council at the end of March 2020.

For both committees, not meeting the respective December and January deadlines means that the SRAs will not begin on July 1, 2020 the start of the municipality’s financial year.

“We want to urge property owners to sign the consent forms as quickly as possible. Otherwise, we face a delay. The consequence of not meeting the municipality’s deadline is that the HSRA will only happen in July 2021,” says Michael Farr, Chairman of the HSRA Steering Committee.

“In the event of missing the deadline Hermanus Public Protection (HPP) will not have much, if any, money left and an SRA will not have been established. A decline in public safety would be inevitable and, ultimately, it may lead to a decline in property values as well as having a negative impact on tourism and business,” adds Michael.

Abner Inghels, the Chair of the Onrus Vermont SRA Steering Committee, says: “We hope the community appreciates that we are at a crossroads and that an SRA offers many benefits to transform our community, with 89% of the total cost going towards our collective safety and security, including those of visitors. We appeal to those who have not yet voted to please do so as soon as possible and appeal to all to use word of mouth to encourage friends and neighbours to vote ASAP.”

Residents of the HSRA can download the consent form at hermanussra.co.za/consent-form. The form will be available to download after the public meeting on 19 December at 17:00 at the Municipal Auditorium.

Residents of the Onrus Vermont SRA can vote online at www.surveymonkey.com/r/B7JKKGH or go to the Onrus Pharmacy or the Onrus NG Kerk with their ID and a copy of their municipal account.

For more detailed information, click here to read Property owners urged to sign HSRA consent forms by January 2020 and Onrus Vermont SRA in need of Xmas vote boost present.

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