For residents of the Overberg, ‘Make Your Mark’ is a memorable election phrase that enjoins us to register and reminds us that every vote counts. The fact that some elections over the past ten years have indeed been won or lost (depending on which side of the fence you were on) by just a handful of votes is a clear indication of our responsibility as citizens of this country.

But, beyond elections, few of us really ponder the wider implications of what these three words really signify, and, by extension, the greater responsibility that is thrust upon us.

A wise man once said that the only thing you take to your grave when you die is your reputation. In other words, it really doesn’t matter how much money you had, what material possessions you owned, which countries you visited, or what great wines you drank. Rather, how you are remembered and what people say about you is the legacy that you leave behind.

For those politicians who have chosen to stand for election, the results will either be an opportunity for them to make their mark, hopefully in a positive way, a reaffirmation of the work they are already doing, or it will spell the end, perhaps only temporarily, of their political career. Some will walk away with their heads held high, others with their reputations in tatters.

Thankfully, most of us aren’t politicians. We have the opportunity to leave a positive mark every single day of our lives with our families, our colleagues and in our communities. What we do and how we prefer to express this attitude is up to us as individuals. There are so many opportunities and needs in the Overberg to choose from.

So, on this election day, after you have made your mark on the election ballot, take some time to reflect on how you can make your mark in our community. Invite yourself to look outside yourself and make a difference. Make your mark.


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