As a non-resident, I was appalled to arrive at my house in Marine Drive, Sandbaai last week, to find that a complete state of lawlessness has now arrived in Hermanus!

The Schulphoek land has been invaded, precious milkwoods destroyed, fires burning the entire weekend, and no law enforcement present to stop what amounts to a blatant destruction of the environment.

I read about the 22 demands made to the Municipality, threats to close the R43, etc. etc. Has Hermanus finally imploded? Is there no law enforcement at all anymore? Can anyone now cut and burn whatever they feel like without sanction and get away with it?

Of course, we as ratepayers will have to fork out for the services and to subsidise more land invasions, bringing more unemployment and ultimately crime. In fact, we are in effect subsidising crime. Wow!

Our properties have devalued overnight, yet the Municipality increases rates but cannot ensure that a state of law and order prevails – surely heads must roll and it starts at the top!

We have owned a house in Sandbaai since 1976 and never have we experienced such a lack of leadership from the Mayor.

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