There is no doubt that many of us are feeling thoroughly ‘down and out’ after more than four months of living in a State of Disaster. And there is no denying the devastating effect that this situation continues to have on most sectors of our community.

Still, at the beginning of a new month, with the first green shoots of spring in evidence, perhaps it’s time to celebrate creativity and our unique good fortune to live in this space. Everywhere we go, we feel the energy and the good vibrations. How often does an entire generation have the opportunity to create the kind of world we dream about – one of kindness, rather than greed; one in which every citizen enjoys the dignity of food security, a house to live in and the right to develop to his or her full potential; where anger turns to productivity and where we protect our precious environment, instead of destroying it?

Yet, this is the kind of creative environment we inhabit where, in the midst of despair, people are fashioning exciting new ways of doing things. In recent weeks, we have heard about hundreds of individuals and organisations who have stepped into the breach, throwing body and soul into providing food and other necessities to those members of our community who have most been battered by the disaster. We have seen businesses of all kinds make plans for survival and in many cases, find a solution that exceeds the challenge.

No wonder the strange little bi-pedal Hominids who roamed the hostile African veldt, stone axe in hand made such a go of it. They had the will to survive, they were thinkers, artists and musicians. Most importantly, they respected and lived in harmony with the natural world. Somewhere along the line, though, they grew too big for their boots and it has taken the most minuscule pinhead of living matter with no brain at all to change their perspective.

So there are fisher folk who have had the bottom fall out of their trade, now helping scientists provide answers to the degradation of marine life; teachers from Pre-school to Grade 12 and beyond have found ways to reach out to their learners and keep them on track; organisations like Whale Coast Conservation, FynArts, U3A and OAK, instead of sinking into a state of despondency, have picked up the baton and gone online with stimulating and inspiring offerings.

Whether we realise it or not, we are creating the world we want. So get with the vibe y’all, and make it happen.

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