The article Better Living plan for housing (TVN 20 Feb ’19) has brought a glimmer of hope for many residents after the protests we had last year.

This plan will go a long way in meeting the demands of various sectors of our community as it caters for different types of housing options – rental property being, in my opinion, one of the most important.

It is now up to all the relevant government agencies and the communities to work together to make this plan a reality. If we fail at doing this, the plan will be a failure and we will be right back from where we started, and we cannot afford that.

All the people in this region suffer from a shortage of housing and we know it is impossible for any sphere of government to simply meet the demand. It is also an unrealistic expectation to demand free housing for everybody. That is simply not the way in which a free market economy works, and we also know that neither socialism nor communism were able to deliver housing or a prosperous future to anyone.

Therefore, it is up to us as a community to make sure our economy works and in turn that will supply the jobs our people need to pay for their housing. We need to be supportive of each other and of our local businesses. As a retired business owner, I understand the need of support from your community to make your business a success.

In addition to this we also need to keep our public officials and the elected representatives accountable for ensuring that these things happen. It is an election year and we can expect a lot of promises. I think it is time we keep those making the promises to their word. When you make that cross on your ballot paper, keep this in mind.

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