The Alfa Romeo Giulia has proven it is not only gorgeous to look at and beautiful to drive, it is also cost-effective to own. The award-winning Giulia added another accolade to its prize basket when the 30th AA Kinsey Report named it resounding class winner in its Executive Saloon category.

The Kinsey Report has researched the cost of replacement parts, servicing and repair costs for the South African market for the past 30 years. As one of the most respected independent reports for car owners in South Africa, it provides a valuable indication of cost-of-ownership, while providing another layer of competitive statistics across competitor vehicles in a segment.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia won the Executive Saloon category by the biggest margin of any of the nine categories. The Giulia has the most affordable service parts basket, repair parts, and crash repair parts, which impacts cost-of-ownership elements like insurance premiums. The Alfa Romeo’s total basket came in at a value of R86,570 while the next competitor in the segment cost R178,710 for the identical parts.

Of interest is the Kinsey Report’s tracking of the parts basket as a percentage total of purchase price. The Alfa Romeo Giulia has the lowest index of parts to purchase price of all vehicles in the report at 12,54%.

“We are delighted by this independent recognition of the value-for money represented by the Alfa Romeo brand in the South African market,” said Ismaeel Hassen, CEO of FCA South Africa. “Having some of the most affordable parts in the industry make an enormous impact on our dealer network and their ability to service our valued customers.”

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