Level 3 of the lockdown strategy is being gently implemented, and with facial disguises and social distancing, we can now at least chat mask-to-mask, albeit rather muffled and eerily distant. But that shouldn’t stop you telling everybody some often unknown facts.

Cosmic Anthropology

Flying saucers have been joked about for over 70 years. Snide comments about them lurk in the same sewers as Elvis sightings, the fake moon- landing and Tretchikoff paintings – accompanied by sniggers and sneers. Well, if anyone’s been listening, things have recently turned 180 degrees. But let’s first go back a bit – not 70 years but around 70 000.

Before cynical jabs about aliens were even contemplated, cave dwellers and early civilisations across the globe depicted them quite clearly in their paintings and sculptures. They weren’t being cynical. They drew what they saw, and they drew the same in Africa, the Americas and Asia. Coincidence?

Ancient holy scripts from most deities around the world have based their beliefs and foundations on one common concept – visitations and interactions with the gods or messengers of God. Most people accept therefore that ‘sky-gods’ from above were a reality.

For thousands of years though, interest in unidentified flying objects wasn’t really of major concern to most – until 1947. After the Roswell crash and the botched handling of its cover-up, the Pentagon acted swiftly.

Tailors fitting out the contingent of new and very real Men in Black had their work cut out for them. Covert security teams and black-ops sleuths smothered any incoming ET-related material. This all under the guise of homeland security, of course. (Cold War/ Ruskies?)

With hundreds of reports of sightings/encounters/abductions streaming in, the government knew that if this information was leaked or released too quickly, there would be anarchy. People would realise that these things were real, and we really had no control over them. Not what the population needed to know.

So they created a three-pronged strategy. Firstly, within the Department of Defence, a task team was formed to contain and handle all UFO cases. Its main object was to disprove/ridicule/deflect/cover up these events.

Secondly, they encouraged the lampooning of the very idea of alien beings, and published farcical stories in newspapers, so believers were cast into the loony bin of fantasy and make-believe. Apart from cartoons though, sci-fi movies flourished unfettered among creative forward-thinkers, and some gadgets/concepts/devices from those old-school intergalactic fiction-flicks, are workable realities today.

And thirdly, if you knew too much and had a loose lip, you’d be visited by a couple of real Men in Black. Their terse message was to zip it, or nobody would ever hear from you again.

Now, after decades of cover-ups, on 29 April 2020, the Pentagon admitted that they’d analysed and released three videos taken by US Navy pilots, “of intelligently-controlled airborne objects not apparently made by humans”. In other words, space-crafts with something intelligent inside from somewhere else in heaven, here to visit us (again) – like in ancient times.

Although they call it an “Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon”, they finally acknowledge and accept its existence – and another intelligent life-form.

So now we have the answer to at least one of life’s burning questions. One all the ancient texts have described, and one we’ve been conditioned to forget. The answer has always been no, we’re not alone. Aliens are real. So get used to it humbly and remember: from now on, snide remarks about flying saucers will only come from the unenlightened or stubborn (Latin: ignoratum obstinatius).


Herb Greenhouse, in his book Premonitions, observes an interesting coincidence worth sharing. 

Lincoln was elected in 1860; Kennedy in 1960. Lincoln’s secretary was named Kennedy, and the Kennedy secretary was a Lincoln. Both men were shot in the head on a Friday, next to their wives.

Booth shot Lincoln in a theatre and ran into a warehouse, while Oswald shot Kennedy from a warehouse and skedaddled into a theatre. Booth was born in 1839 and Oswald in 1939. Each was killed before being tried.

Both Lincoln and Kennedy foresaw their own deaths. Snaaks, nè?

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