FynArts Select @ Weekends: Friday 25 – Sunday 27 September

The first FynArts Select @ Weekends programme is being prepared and will include the opening of the exhibition of the FynArts 2020 festival artist, Beezy Bailey, and a number of outdoor activities, including the following:

Saturday 26 – Festival artist exhibition

The long-awaited exhibition, Fallen Angels by the festival artist, Beezy Bailey, will be opened in the FynArts Gallery. Due to current restrictions, attendance is by invitation only. However, the opening address by Frank Kilbourn, Executive Chairman of Strauss & Co will be live-streamed at 11:00 on Facebook. 

Saturday 26 – More on Sculpture on the Cliffs

Gavin Younge, curator of the highly regarded Sculpture on the Cliffs 2020 exhibition, will conduct a walkabout. Details to follow. 

The FynArts committee has had many positive responses to this year’s exhibition and would like to congratulate and thank all the artists for the high standard of this exhibition, as well as for their generosity in making their work available to Hermanus until June 2021. FynArts is also deeply grateful to its first sponsor for this exhibition, Pioneer Freight, for their generous support. The organisers are pleased that all sculptures have withstood the fierce winds of the past weeks, including the magnificent Freedom Tree for which the artist, Karin Lijnes and her team have strengthened the cabling. 

For some perspective:

Freedom Tree by Karin Lijnes

The base of Freedom Tree which is sunk into the ground, weighted by 900kg of concrete and designed to withstand up to 110 km/h winds. On initial installation, the cabling (1,5m stainless steel) was cut by the wind speed and friction within 24 hours, and the sculpture had to be reinstalled with hardier cables and connectors to withstand the fierce winds on the cliff top. 

The steel back of the birds create a flat silhouette with a red X, which refers to the Red Data Book of Birds. The ‘front’ represents a visual interpretation of bird-like forms, in ceramic. The distinction of the two different sides creates a gap or pause meant to draw attention to the disconnect between human and nature. Through the motion of the wind and continuous rotation individually as well as around the main axis, the birds are moving between the two states of invisibility and visibility, presence and absence. 

Friday 25 and Saturday 26 September: Bollard painting 9:00 – 13:00

Painted bollards at the Hermanus Waterfront

Artists are invited to take part in the popular bollard painting project, whether or not they have already participated in the first round. FynArts will supply enamel paint in the three primary colours as well as black and white. Artists must supply their own brushes and other materials. 

Artists who would like to take part should please contact Chantel at admin@hermanusfynarts.co.za indicating a preferred date and submit a proposed design by Thursday 17 September. Final details will be sent to those accepted for participation, on Friday 18 September. 

Friday 25 and/or Saturday 26 September: Plein air painting 10:00 – 15:00

FynArts Festival Artist Beezy Bailey with FynArts Festival Director Mary Faure, artist Jaco Sieberhagen and Cape Whale Coast Tourism

Artists are also invited to bring along their easels and all materials and spend a morning or two painting or sketching along the Hermanus coastline in the centre of town, between the amphitheatre and Gearing’s Point. Work completed that morning may be sold between 13:00 and 15:00. Prices must include a 20% commission to FynArts. Please contact Chantel at admin@hermanusfynarts.co.za if you would like to take part, by Thursday 17 September, indicating preferred date/s. Chantel can also be contacted should you need further information.

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