Drowning out the frustration of the stop-and-go road station delays along the R43, is a collective cheer at the phenomenal road upgrade well underway on this busy thoroughfare. The road works site office in Stanford holds the blueprint of this massive undertaking, a project manned by scores of engineers, heavy road equipment drivers, tree fellers, clearing teams and marshals.

All day and all night the stop-and-go marshals work long, thankless shifts to best ensure safe passage for drivers. Despite weather extremes and countless hours on their feet, a greeting is invariably met with a smile, a thumbs up or a wave. If traffic conditions allow for a safe pull-off or slow down, let’s give these teams our support with a cup of coffee or cooldrink, a sandwich, some sweets and definitely a thank you and smile for doing a good job.

This picturesque journey has long been blighted by arrogant road hogs, whose accelerator pressure reflects their level of selfishness and stupidity. Let’s recognise them for who and what they are and give kudos instead to those who are working flat out to make this passage safer for us all.

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