If you have been fined for an expired motor vehicle licence disk (or for that matter for the contravention of any traffic law), you have the constitutional right to appear in court and to put your case to said court. You can also dispute your traffic fine, in writing, with the municipal traffic department any time before a summons has been issued.

Once a motorist is issued with a fine for a traffic offence or driving with an expired license disk, processes must be followed.

Learner’s licences, driver’s licences (card), temporary driver’s licences and professional driving permits that expired between 26 March 2020 and 31 December 2020 are deemed valid and validity has been extended for a further grace period ending 31 August 2021. 

Keep any proof of payment if you have renewed your motor vehicle driver’s licence during lockdown, but were unable to collect due to the closure of traffic services.

The extension on driver’s licences does not, however, apply to motor vehicle licence disks and motorists are understandably frustrated with the renewal process of motor vehicle licences. Should you be fined, you would need to contest this as follows: 

Under the AARTO Act, motorists can make a representation to dispute a traffic infringement to the Public Prosecutor or to the Overstrand Traffic Chief. Forms can be obtained from the respective traffic offices (fines department) or via email to lcarolissen@overstrand.gov.za (Hermanus), zbotma@overstrand.gov.za (Gansbaai) or iswartz@overstrand.gov.za (Kleinmond).

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