How To videos are invaluable to pet owners. If you have a cat or dog that you need help with, a video can be an excellent source of advice.

However, thanks to the internet there are thousands of sources of pet  information out there but not all can be trusted. It is always best to ensure that the video you choose comes from a  reputable source you can double check up on.

What you don’t want is to be given the wrong  information, because when you’re dealing with pets you’re dealing with lives.

That’s why we at the EberVet Petcare Group have created a series of How To videos made by our own veterinarians to help pet owners cope with basic care at home. And we’re always just a phone call away so if the video doesn’t answer all of your questions, just give us a call and we’d be delighted to help.

Our How To videos include:

How to trim your cat’s nails
How to give your cat a pill
How to give your dog medication
How to clean your dog’s ears
How to brush your pet’s teeth
How to trim your dog’s nails

And our corporate video, introducing you to the EberVet Petcare Group so that you know where your important pet info is coming from.

To access our videos simply click on the YouTube link on our website’s homepage and choose the video you want to watch.

If you have any queries, or need further help call our clinics on 021 851 1500 (Country Animal Clinic, Somerset West) or 021 854 3275 (EberVet Pet Clinic, Strand).

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