Let’s face it, the weather’s been really weird of late. Balmy, sunshiney days followed by steep drops in temperature with rain and snow on the high ground. It not only messes with our heads, it messes with our pets’ health too.

Here are 7 important essentials you need to remember to keep your pet healthy when the weather plays foul:

  1. Tick & flea control. We can’t say it often enough. Ticks and fleas are not summer pests; they hound your pets all year round and when the weather warms slightly, those eggs that have been lying hidden in nooks and crannies in your home hatch in their thousands. Once hatched, they’re virtually impossible to get rid of so protecting your pet with a long-acting parasite control is always your best bet. There are so many to choose from – chews, spot-ons, collars, powders – but whatever you prefer, always choose the best you can afford or you’ll be wasting your money on ineffective products. Remember also, that not all products can be used on all pets; ask your EberVet Vetshop for advice on the safest product for your pet.
  2. Joint support. Pets suffer from arthritis, just as humans do, and when the weather worsens, so does their pain. Pets will rarely cry out (they are masters at hiding pain, especially cats) but watch out for limping, a reluctance to exercise, a sudden inability to jump onto their usual favourite spot or sleeping more than usual. There are several joint support supplements at EberVet Vetshops that help ease arthritis but if your pet’s discomfort persists, see your vet. Your pet may need a supportive diet too.
  3. Warm bedding. Ease aching bones by providing your pet with warm, soft bedding and remember to keep his bed out of drafts and high traffic areas. Elderly pets need quiet areas where they can sleep in peace.
  4. Grooming. In cold weather we tend not to bath our dogs as often as in summer but there are things you can do to keep him clean. Try dry or foam shampoos and regular brushing. VetsBrands’ Shine & Shed oil gives fur a healthy sheen, and there are a several dog deodoriser sprays that keep those horrid ‘wet dog’ smells at bay.
  5. Chews. Your dog’s probably not getting out as much and a bored dog can be a destructive dog. Stock up on chews that not only keep him entertained for hours but keep his teeth and gums clean too. Avoid giving him bones from the table; these can fracture teeth and lodge in his intestines, necessitating expensive vet visits.
  6. Jackets & coats. Dogs love to walk but not all dogs have fur thick enough to protect them from those icy blasts of sea spray. Whether yours is a Yorkie or a Rottie, your EberVet Vetshop has a wide range of protective gear for all shapes and sizes.
  7. Checkups & vaccinations. We know how difficult it is to get up and out when the weather’s foul but neglecting your pet’s annual vet check or vaccinations puts him at risk of a host of diseases that cost a fortune to treat. Prevention is always better (and cheaper) than cure.

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