We may look forward to summer with great enthusiasm but for our pets summer can also bring misery.

To help them enjoy the season as much as we do here are 5 things every pet owner should consider before the heat sets in:

5 summer essentials

Grooming. As soon as the weather warms, winter fur begins to fall out but sometimes it needs a bit of a helping hand. Brush or comb the fur thoroughly, working carefully through knots and tangles. When fur is smooth, give your dog a bath with a pet-friendly shampoo. Never use human shampoo; its chemicals are too harsh for a pet’s skin. EberVet Vetshops stock a wide range of shampoos and even detanglers for those tough-to-remove knots.

Parasite control. Ticks and fleas come out in huge numbers in summer and some are so tiny, they can hide undetected between a pet’s toes or in their ears. It is essential to protect your pet against both ticks and fleas – even if your pet does not spend time in long grass or parks. Ticks hitch rides on human shoes and clothing and can be brought into your home. Ask your vet or EberVet Vetshop for help in choosing the best parasite control for your pets, as some are toxic to pregnant animals and puppies and kittens. You can choose from long-lasting, tasty chews, spot-ons or powders – depending on your preference.

Watch their ears. If your dog is a keen swimmer (breeds like Spaniels and Retrievers love the water) he’s susceptible to ear infections. If he starts shaking his head vigorously or pawing at his ear or the side of his face, see your vet. Your vet needs to examine your dog every time you think he/she has an ear infection. https://www.ebervet.com/ear-infections-d…acts-not-fiction/Ear infections are caused by a variety of bacteria and yeast and the treatment recommendations and medication will be cause-specific. What worked last time may not be at all suitable this time around.

Check their vaccination status. Everyone has busy lives and it’s easy to forget when last your pet had his/her vaccinations. Vaccinations are their best defence against many highly contagious, deadly diseases so it is essential they are kept up-to-date. Make this annual veterinary appointment easy to remember by marking it on the 1st of September, so that every year when Spring comes around you know you need to spring into action with those vaccinations!

Re-asses their diets. As pets age, their nutritional needs change and to avoid diet-related illnesses like diabetes and kidney ailments, it’s a good idea to chat with your vet about our pet’s diet at the beginning of every summer. Pets older than 7 have very particular dietary needs which help avoid and ease diseases like arthritis and skin allergies.

Summer should be celebrated by all of us, including our pets. Do these 5 simple things for them and their summer will be a whole lot healthier and happier.

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