The pedestrians complain about bad drivers… and the drivers complain about bad pedestrians. As both a pedestrian and a driver, I can safely say that there are both bad pedestrians AND drivers in this town, which makes it quite dangerous on the roads for all concerned.

As a pedestrian, my pet peeve is drivers not stopping at zebra crossings and not indicating at corners, making it difficult to cross roads safely.

When I am driving, it is the fact that pedestrians do not pay attention when they are walking. They walk in the road instead of on the sidewalk (meaning one has to drive around them), or they walk in front of cars waiting to enter a busy road from a side street or driveway (imagine you are waiting for a gap for ages and then a pedestrian walks in front of you just as you get one and you can’t go), and the fact that they walk across main roads with no crossings and expect cars to stop for them.

We need to respect one another on the road – whether you are a pedestrian or a driver – and follow road rules!

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