On Wednesday 7 October, the 2020 matrics of Curro Independent School Hermanus enjoyed their matric dance at The Clubhouse at the Hermanus Sports Centre, which was beautifully decorated with plants, flowers and candles by Grade 11 Curro learners. The small group of grade 12s and their partners arrived at staggered times in an assortment of fancy and vintage cars.

Once inside, the matrics were treated to non-alcoholic sparkling wine and chocolate-covered strawberries while they socialised with their peers before being served dinner by the Grade 11s. The Clubhouse’s kitchen made a yummy pizza starter followed by delicious steak with potato wedges, and dessert was brownies with chocolate sauce and berry coulis made by the Grade 11 Curro hospitality group.

After dinner it was time to hit the dance floor to bust some moves whilst others headed outside to enjoy the cool night air on the Sports Centre’s deck. Teachers and chaperones kept an eye on everyone to ensure that Covid-19 protocols were followed while the learners enjoyed this annual highlight of every matric’s school career.

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