I am a disabled person who would like to thank some people for going that extra mile for their customers, which does not often happen anymore. I am talking about the Cuckoo Tree Restaurant in the CBD, where I have been a customer for a number of years. When I lost my leg I had to adjust to many things and one of them was going out to places, anywhere really, that would accommodate me.

On entering the restaurant for the first time in quite a while I was extremely touched by the kindness of the owner, Lynne Powers, her son Jonathan and daughter Michelle. JP offered to park my car on arrival and help me into the restaurant. I just had to phone ahead, hoot and he would come out – who does that? They offered to move one of their cars so I could park closer. I was unsteady on my new prosthetic and they fussed around me, making sure I was comfortable and taking time in their busy restaurant to come and sit down and talk to me.

As they do with everyone, they made me feel special and I must commend them on their friendliness and compassion. As a disabled person I can tell you that not many people care, but sometimes some people stand out above the rest. I have been a chef for 25 years and one of the reasons I go there is not only the friendly staff but the consistently good food – and having cooked around the world, I should know.

As a chef I usually do not critique restaurants and I stay out of the review scene but sometimes a place needs a special mention – and the Cuckoo Tree is one.

A big thank you.

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