I want to congratulate you on your newspaper and also ask you please to persevere with constructive information and criticism because this is what is needed in RSA today.

There are too many people with negative attitudes whose views are aired ad nauseum when the issue is that all folks of SA need assistance to find work which will help to move the country forwards into the future.

As an example, there are many retired folk who were in responsible positions in JHB and elsewhere who want to support their new homes, and want to try and remain positive.

So things like Zuma’s story (not your paper) for example should be buried, by putting all the news about him on the back pages – his story is not new and no different to the stories of other leaders in the world that are repeated daily in international news.

As an example, it was good to read Pete Oxford’s thoughts on the Betty’s Bay salmon farm but as an expert in his field I would suggest that it would also help if he could be more constructive and offer valuable advice on how the farm could perhaps move forward, for it really is extremely important that work be found for the unemployed people of SA wherever it is possible.

I wish you well.

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