For our first trip of the day, we had an exclusive trip, taking two people out to sea to show them our beautiful creatures. As we headed to our dive site a flock of countless Cape Cormorants crossed our path. We soon arrived at The Shallows, and we waited for our first visitors to arrive. A few Copper sharks briefly came up for a visit, but our enigmatic white sharks were yet to be seen. After a quick relocation and a few more moments, one of our iconic white sharks popped up her head, Clubtail. She came around a few times, but even though it was a slow start, Clubtail decided to provide a fantastic finishing splash to trip.

We headed back to our dive site for our second trip, this time with a full complement of guests. The crew quickly attached the cage to the side of the boat, and our guests climbed into their wetsuits. After a short wait, our divers were visited by some very curious Copper sharks, who came around again and again. Even a small white shark reared her head around for a visit – making the Copper sharks a bit unconfortable for a moment. With the fantastic activity around the boat, it made for a great trip out to sea.

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Lesley Partridge
Lesley Partridge

All these attractions involving animals in my experience, are cruel. It is made believe they are sanctuaries and do on.

Animals belong in the wild doing their own thing and we need to support these areas.

We are being hoodwinked into believing these animals are being well treated. They need their freedom. They have their own lives.