The previous letters published in The Village NEWS on the subject of the proposed bypass road refers:

It should be understood that the bypass is necessary. The Province would not spend money on this rather expensive road on a whim. It should also be understood that our popular town is built on a relatively narrow stretch of land between mountains and the sea, so its proposed routing is very limited. To take the points as raised in these letters:

1. To widen the main feeder road from inland towards the town centre would only move the problem down to where one can go no further, that is the roundabout at the Dutch Reformed Church building opposite the Magistrates Court. That is already struggling to cope with traffic, especially going westwards from the Royal Street Ring Road at many times of the day. The circle is not big enough, although when originally planned all three roundabouts (DRC, Checkers and The Marine) were designed to full-size Provincial standards (a la Voëlklip), but they were curtailed in size.

2. As a result of the extension of Mountain Drive to the Gateway traffic lights, a lot of traffic now turns off there which never used to. A sign of what is to come with the proposed bypass.

3. A suggested pedestrian bridge over the Main Road: this is presumably the pedestrian crossing and traffic lights linking north and south Mount Pleasant. Is your correspondent suggesting that people (including older people) have to climb more than 5 metres up just so that they can travel uninterrupted from the CTM traffic lights to the Gateway lights!?

Remember these basics: Motorists are not sacrosanct because they are surrounded by a ton of metal, and motorists are only pedestrians in disguise.

4. Where does the “only” 7% of traffic through to and beyond Hermanus come from? If it
was a survey, when was it carried out, what time(s) of day, what days of the week, what time of year? Are they reliable surveys? I have lived on both 7th Street in Voëlklip (the main road to the east of town) and the Main Road from Gateway into town and of the 19  years that I have lived in Hermanus the increase in traffic has been great

5. Some relief will become available when the bridge is built over the river leading to the Onrus Lagoon, thus extending Bergsig Street running through from Vermont, Onrus, Sandbaai, Mount Pleasant, Zwelihle into the Industrial Estate adjacent to Swartdam Road.

6. The inevitable growth of Stanford, Gansbaai, Franskraal, Pearly Beach et al will make this a very busy through route. I am pleased to live in a Municipality and Province that thinks ahead and not one that can only react to a crisis.

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