Our bodies often get a little neglected in winter. It’s just that much easier to ignore healthy self-care opportunities when 90% of our body is covered up 90% of the time. The next thing you know, it’s September and you walk into spring with skin drier than the Sahara desert. Not the ideal way to start the summer season!

Even if you don’t think of summer as “swimsuit season”, you’ll probably be wearing sleeveless tops and shorter skirts – and still want your upper arms, thighs, and the area under your derrière to look their slimmest when summer rolls around. Now is the time to start some of the key summer treatments – fat reduction, cellulite smoothing, hair removal – and if you are running out of time to get your body summer-ready, there is always a spray tan to bring out muscle definition so that you look instantly more toned.

If you want to feel confident and in great shape this summer, both
in body and mind, try these top-to-toe treatments that do all the
work for you.

Say good-bye to pigmentation dark spots, hyperpigmentation, freckles and age spots, which can make you feel very self-conscious of your hands, forearms, neck and décolleté, there for the world to see. Why not consider a peel or laser treatment (IPL)? You could have clearer, healthier-looking skin, restored to its former glory, this summer.

Show off those legs
If you want to ditch your razor for good, laser hair removal is a great way to permanently get rid of unwanted hair. Keep in mind that you’ll require several sessions, not just one, so start now in the cooler months and get beach-ready in no time. We can also treat unwanted facial hair, underarm hair and bikini lines.

Spider veins are another problem that could be tackled in winter – either with sclerotherapy, which involves injecting the veins and is ideal for larger ones, or using a laser such as the Palomar Lux, which works best for smaller veins.

Once you’ve been treated, by either therapy, you will see the veins temporarily darken for a few days before they finally disappear, much like a bruise. This is why the cooler months are a great time to do it as you can hide your legs under stockings or pants before showing them off in your new summer shorts or skirts.

Skin smoothing
Of course, there’s nothing wrong with cellulite, but there’s also nothing wrong with wanting smoother skin when baring your body, if that makes you feel more confident. If cellulite is a problem for you, try LPG Endermologie, a non-invasive (and pain-free) mechanical treatment that works to improve the quality and appearance of the skin from within. A 2016 study suggested a 67% reduction in cellulite, with visible results in just three sessions. Add some Tripollar radio-
frequency for stubborn areas and we could reshape your skin in no time.

Say hello to my little hands…
Always exposed to the elements, your hands probably give away your age more than any other body part. There are various types of hand rejuvenation treatments you can opt for. The most common ones are chemical peels, which are effective for hands that are affected by age spots or liver spots. A chemical peel is applied to the skin, where it makes the age spots disappear while causing the tissue to appear less transparent. The other option is Volume-enhancing Fillers. When these fillers are injected into the hands they can plump up the skin and give it a more youthful appearance. No more hiding those hands for no one to see!

With the latest technology in anti-ageing such as the Aptos threads, Dr Michelle Emett places the Aptos suture in the areas where your upper arms have lost their volume and gravity has started taking its toll. This new generation thread can be used for various “saggy” body parts. Dr Emett will assess the problem area and design the best direction of threads to lift. In the arm lift, threads are inserted partially around the arm, drawing skin and fat from the triceps area (bingo wings) to the biceps area, which often becomes thinner as we age. The mechanics of the thread is to lift and tighten. Over time the thread is replaced by collagen, leading to a natural tightening of the arm skin.

‘Mommy make-overs’
A ‘mommy makeover’ is a combination of treatments designed to get mothers closer to their pre-pregnancy figure. While no one denies that having children is one of the greatest gifts, we’ve seen first-hand how the physical changes brought on by pregnancy and breastfeeding can take a toll on the physical appearance of mothers – and most importantly, on how they feel about themselves.

Many women have great difficulty improving these issues with diet and exercise alone, and turn to us for solutions. These can include body-contouring procedures, facial rejuvenation, stretchmark treatments, and other options. Our patients are ultimately aiming for a slimmer silhouette, a more contoured body shape, firmer skin, and a rejuvenated appearance. After a few treatments and with follow-up appointments we notice a change in their posture and the way they wear their clothes; they seem more comfortable and confident. Giving a woman back her confidence is one of the best things about what we do.

Talk to one of therapists today for the best advice on pre-summer rejuvenation.

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