First of all I would like to congratulate you on an excellent newspaper. I really enjoy reading it, especially the editor’s positive words.

The 16 January edition had a letter about a credit card scam and I have a similar story. I feel people should be aware of the fact that the Travel Wallet debit card issued by a well-known retail bank, no matter what the bank says, does not have the same safety precautions/system as their credit card.

When in Rome, my purse was stolen. In it was my Travel Wallet as well as my credit card. Within two hours the Travel Wallet was hacked, all the money was taken out at pharmacies, but the credit card was not hacked. I presume it has a different security system than a debit card. I unfortunately did not notice the theft until two hours later, when I reported it immediately.

But the bank said I should have reported the theft when it happened! Difficult, if you only knew about it much later. I also switch off international roaming when overseas, as I am scared of extra cellphone costs, so I did not receive notification of money taken out of my card.

The bank refused to return a single cent of the R27 000 stolen and said it was my fault because I did not report it immediately! I even wrote to their Ombudsman – to no avail.

I will never again take out a Travel Wallet from this bank and I would like to warn future travellers not to do so either.

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