We like to focus on treatments which we consider to be fundamental, transformational and optimising. Let’s face it, looking your best is often time-consuming and expensive. 

With this beauty pyramid, the approach makes sense and is easy to incorporate into your beauty routine. Refine Anti-Ageing Clinic offers complimentary consultations where Dr. Emett and a therapist will work out a treatment plan for you to ensure that you are able to prioritise your treatment, with the ultimate goal of maintaining a healthy glow. 

We‘ll do the work, you can enjoy the results!

• Fundamental in-office treatments

We all know the drill: cleanse, tone, moisturise, and repeat. Did you know that Refine Clinic takes it one step further, with active and advanced skin care that complements our medical grade treatments?

Once a month must-have treatments that would suit any budget-conscious client could include facial treatments with mild to moderate alpha-hydroxy, beta-hydroxy or TCA peels. By rapidly, but safely, removing dead skin layers, one can see a huge improvement in skin texture, colour and tone. Enzymatic facials leave the skin rejuvenated without any down time, and are suitable even for the most sensitive skins. And your once a month treatment does not have to break the bank.

On the medical aesthetic side, Dr. Emett recommends Botox as a fundamental treatment. Preventing permanent lines with the use of this muscle relaxant every six months remains one of the most cost-effective anti-ageing treatments for fine lines and wrinkles. Botox is not a poison, and it does not get absorbed into the bloodstream. It is a simple protein which, when injected into very specific facial muscles, relaxes the muscles to prevent lines from deepening. If you maintain this treatment twice a year, your dose (and hence cost) should decrease and effects last longer.

• Transforming Treatments

Wrinkles, sagging skin and pigmentation can now be combated simply by going for a medical facial. Call them super high-tech facials; these pioneering procedures are all about results. Transforming treatments are about remodeling collagen, removing pigmentation and scarring, and re-texturising the skin surface. The revolutionary Dermapen (skin needling) is just one of these anti-ageing treatments that has won numerous awards. IPL laser can very easily remove unwanted sun damage and vascularity, leaving the skin glowing and blemish-free. Deeper chemical peels can dramatically improve tone and texture and smooth out lines, wrinkles and effectively erase signs of ageing.

From the medical aesthetic side, transforming treatments include dermal fillers that can re-contour facial bone and correct fat depletion, which happens to us all as we age. Because our bones lose density (and effectively shrink), the skin begins to sag. Filler onto the jaw line, cheek bone, under eyebrows etc, can transform the face and restore the facial proportions we enjoyed in our thirties. The Silhouette Soft “one-stitch-mini-lift” makes use of a long thread which can lift an entire area of the face or neck. Rejuvenating sagging eyelids has also become simple with the non-surgical PLEXR eyelid lift. No surgery, no down-time – just lift, lift, lift.

• Optimising Treatments

When it comes to optimisation, we aim to maintain and keep that youthful glow. Optimise with a Mesoglow facial once in a while, where a cocktail of active ingredients gets infused with a very light skin needling treatment. Add a radiofrequency skin tightening to your monthly peel for enhanced results. 

Optimising medical aesthetic treatments include making use of Hyaluronic Skinboosters.  This revolutionary treatment involves very fine, watery dermal filler which the doctor lightly spreads just under the skin. It absorbs 1000 times its weight in water, leaving a hydrated, wrinkle-free skin surface. It is ideal for fine lines spanning the whole cheek and eye area. Optimising includes the doctor using dermal fillers, again to lift and smooth out fine lines. Optimising treatments are done every 6 – 12 months as top-ups to ensure you remain wrinkle free between your transformational aesthetic treatments, which are done every 1.5 – 5 years.

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