Anti-ageing and regenerative medicine have always been at the forefront of the race to utilise gene technology in beauty treatments and wound healing – and human growth factors are an important aspect of this ever-changing field.

We’ve all heard of stem cells, which can be used to regenerate joints and create new cartilage. Human growth factors (GF) is the next step in this equation, so we are excited to bring to Hermanus the first – and the only – human growth-factor treatment for hair, skin and vaginal rejuvenation.

AQ Skin Solutions, based in California in the United States, is a company focused on anti-ageing. It has patented the procedure for isolating human growth factors from fibroblast cells. After isolation and purification, the human growth factor is multiplied hundreds of thousands of times through a genetic process known as replication. The solution is free from any other human content.  It comprises pure, growth-factor molecules that can then stimulate cell regeneration in skin, hair and the vaginal wall.

Growth factors are responsible for cell-to-cell communication. Every cell is dependent on growth factors; and as we age our growth-factor production slows down. Thus, our cells’ ability to communicate effectively diminishes.

AQ Skin Solutions, which we use in our clinic, is the world’s most awarded and most concentrated human growth-factor brand, and differentiates itself from other products because:

  • it is species specific (human); and
  • human growth factors are isolated and put in the correct combination and concentrations to ‘educate’ the skin on how to regenerate and heal itself; and restore harmony (balance) in skin, hair follicles and vaginal tissue.

So, with topical application we are teaching tissues to start producing, communicating, and regulating just as they did when tissues were young and healthy. The effects of growth-factor treatment continue long after therapy. Human-derived GF ensure a longer-lasting and more potent impact compared to plant extracts found in other cosmetic products. By using AQ Skin Solutions we will have a more predictable and repeatable outcome in clients, regardless of age and health.

Depending on the degree of damage to the skin or to the hair, and for how long a condition has existed, a course of, typically, four treatments, three weeks apart is recommended for skin. This includes the daily supplementation of necessary growth factors at home. Scalp treatments for hair thinning or balding are usually five treatments, one-to-two weeks apart. Vaginal treatment is a simple take-home applicator.

Hair thinning is a common complaint seen at anti-ageing clinics. There are many causes that include low thyroid function, low iron levels, hormonal changes related to ageing, stress, and nutritional deficiencies. Your doctor can advise you – and can exclude the treatable causes. Usually, however, the most common cause we see in everyday practice is, simply, part of the ageing process and family genetics.

Help is at hand, and we see phenomenal results with the use of AQ Skin Solutions’ human growth factor. The client’s scalp is numbed before a Derma Stamp with tiny needles is used to stamp the growth factor into the scalp or skin. As with any hair treatment, results are seen over a three-month period.

Anti-ageing has recently focused on the rejuvenation and regeneration of a woman’s feminine parts. Intra-vaginal growth factors and platelet treatments have helped to tighten vaginal walls, treat mild bladder incontinence, and increase lubrication and sexual satisfaction in women in the peri- and post-menopausal periods.

We have also seen incredible results with AQ Skin Solutions’ human growth factor in our skin treatments. We use the Derma Stamp to create microscopic skin channels and infuse the growth factor deep into the skin. Feedback from clients is that they are thrilled with the outcomes and the results are long lasting. Your Refine skin therapist will be able to advise you if AQ Skin Solutions is the correct treatment for your skin.

We are proud to bring you advanced, cutting-edge technology that will turn your life around.

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Terry Hodson
Terry Hodson

I’ve been using AQ Solutions serums for over 6 weeks and can see absolutely no improvement.