I’d like to add my comments to the Lamloch debate. Firstly, I find the attacks on Mr Craig Saunders exaggerated and improper.

I drove down to Rooisand again only last week, and it is awful to see how the fynbos is being destroyed by alien vegetation. Mr Saunders has spent thousands on clearing the land where he wants to keep wild animals. The veld is looking beautiful. As one drives towards Rooisand, the right hand side is a paradise of fynbos, while the left side is infested with aliens that grow right up to the road.

Why is everyone complaining about Mr Saunders, who at least is doing something to rehabilitate the environment? His wildlife could not destroy fynbos to the same extent as the aliens, which no one complains about. Just as no one complains about the informal homes being built on parts of our biosphere where endemic orchids, ericas and other fynbos species grow, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Mr Saunders, on your land, close to the turn-off to Rooisand, is a spot where the threatened Disa Venusta grows, even more beautiful than those in Betty’s Bay. But I know that you will preserve them.

I’d like to thank Mr Saunders for clearing his land of invasive aliens. The aliens on his neighbouring farm are destructive to nature – and all the complainers ignore this. What destroys nature is alien vegetation, not Mr Saunders’ wildlife.

I wish him every success with the planning of his game farm and the injection to the economy of our region.



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