Something to ponder on before you share your opinion on what you read or hear:

An artist sat at a table in his regular restaurant. After dinner, he usually polished off two bottles of his favourite wine. On this occasion, as he was about to order his second bottle, a newspaper headline caught his eye: ‘Downturn in the economy predicted’.

He called for his check. “Is there anything wrong with the wine?” the waiter asked. “No, the wine was excellent but the economy is going to dip and I must conserve my cash,” said the artist.

“Difficult times coming?” asked the waiter. “Then my wife must not buy that new dress she has ordered.”

The dress shop accepted the cancellation and decided that this was not a good time to expand the business as it would be better to wait for the economy to improve.

Hearing that hard times were coming, the builder decided that he would no longer be able to have his wife’s portrait painted and wrote to the artist accordingly. After receiving a letter, the artist despondently went to the restaurant again. This time he ordered a small bottle of wine to soothe him. On a nearby table lay the same newspaper in which he’d read the bad news a few days before. He picked it up to read more closely, only to find that the paper was five years old.

This little story illustrates quite vividly that the greatest change this country faces is when you and I become despondent and start spreading negative thoughts.

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