The enticing smell of potjiekos and sounds of laughter floated down Hope Street in Hermanus on Friday 13 September, as the Overstrand Hospice staff members enjoyed a well-deserved break from all their hard work.

‘Die Werf Hoenders’ had a pet hen and
chicks as their mascot.

Hospice believes deeply in ‘caring for the carer’ – that in order to provide excellent care for their patients, the staff need to be looked after first. It is for this reason that they decided to have a fun day where their employees could relax and enjoy a meal and one another’s company, while having some laughs.

A month before the fun day, the staff were divided into three teams and asked to come up with a name, theme and war cry for their group. They were also tasked with each decorating a table according to their theme and to come up with a potjiekos recipe and side dish, which they would be judged on.

The ‘Six Pistols’ had fun with their
war cry and presentation.

The day started at 08:00 on Friday when the staff arrived at the Overstrand Hospice offices to light fires and to prepare the pots for the potjiekos, which can take a while to cook. Then at 09:00 it was off to the CBD for a ‘Tour of the Town’, which entailed the teams being given clues that they had to follow to get tokens from ten different businesses in town. The first team back at the Hospice offices with all the tokens and business names won.

After they finished the ‘Tour of the Town’ and enjoyed an educational film, the teams had half an hour to finish their potjies and tables before the judges arrived. The judging panel consisted of two chefs from local restaurants and an Overstrand Hospice board member.

The ‘Katemba Ladies’ won the prize for the best poitjiekos.

At 12:30 it was time for the potjie tasting and war cry presentations. The Katemba Ladies had chosen an African theme and made a beef potjie with a side of rice, vegetables and spice, cooked in a pumpkin inside of a potjie pot, which was served with a katemba (red wine mixed with Coca-Cola). The Six Pistols had a cowboy theme and served the judges a beef, pork belly, vegetable and stout potjie with a side of pap and a beer. The final team was called Die Werf Hoenders (the yard chickens) and had an actual hen and her chicks, owned by a staff member, as their mascot. They made a chicken and vegetable potjie with a side of pumpkin fritters which was served with a glass of Rosé. They had also made the judges an asynpoeding (vinegar pudding) with fresh cream.

The Katemba Ladies were the winners by a narrow margin (teams were judged on their potjie, table set-up and overall presentation, war cry, and performance in the town run), with Die Werf Hoenders in second place and the Six Pistols in third.

Thank you, Overstrand Hospice, for all the work you do in our community and for giving your carers a little care.

The ‘Katemba Ladies’ were the overall winners of the fun day.

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