The Hermanus Baboon Action Group (HBAG) is delighted to announce the launch of their children’s story and activity book Good for Chaz! 

The book is intended to create awareness of the challenges facing baboons and residents who co-exist on the urban edge. Good for Chaz! is aimed at children between 4 and 10 years of age. The story revolves around Hermanus’s beautiful Fernkloof Nature Reserve, the residents living on its borders, and the dilemmas faced by baboon troops in the area. 

Pat Redford, spokesperson for the HBAG, developed the story book, and Sandy Rogerson illustrated each page with wonderful cartoon-style drawings, designed for children to colour in. 

“It is the perfect purchase for those grannies, unable to see their grandchildren this season, who may want to mail gifts to them, and for local children who will identify especially strongly with the story. The book will be available from the Hermanus Botanical Society and Whale Coast Conservation, both of which are beneficiaries of the profits derived from the sale of the books,” Redford said.

Good for Chaz! is available from local bookshops, Kidz Stuff and Trendy Tots. Overstrand Municipality is supportive of HBAG’s awareness campaigns to promote refuse management in baboon-affected areas and has donated pencil crayon and koki packs.

Redford said: “Whilst baboons are always fun to watch, when they enter suburbia, it has an impact on the troop and their wellbeing, as well as the daily lives of residents. Amongst the most significant influencers are the availability of human food and exposed refuse. The book explores the dilemmas facing the baboons as they risk all sorts of hazards to access refuse and raid homes. 

“Through applying solutions to the problem, the story ends on a happy note, with the baboons safely rehabilitated in their beautiful Fernkloof Nature Reserve. Alpha male baboon Chaz, his dear Freda and their little infant Frank, move through the story, providing the adult and child with an insight into the surrounding environment. The story is aimed at informing, educating, and creating awareness. 

“Encouraging troops to remain in protected areas, away from humans, is our only hope of preserving the species. They are not ‘garden curiosities’ inhabiting private property for people’s selfish satisfaction, neither are they domestic pets. They are wild animals deserving of the respect and protection offered to any other species struggling to remain unaffected by encroachment and bad human behaviour.” 

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